The majority of people in valley Samahni own land which is cultivated on a regular basis for their own livelihood. On a typical working day in the valley, men and women of all ages can be observed working along side one another to maintain their land, with women only being responsible for jobs that are within their threshold i.e.) cutting the crops, tending cattle, etc.

Traditionally wheat and maize are the main crops produced each year in their respective seasons. Bajra (millet) is also cultivated on a smaller scale mainly to provide food for cattle. In addition to this, villagers grow an array of vegetables and herbs for their daily requirements. Livestock animals such as cows, buffalos, goats, sheep and Chickens are kept in the household to provide for various needs. With the introduction of modern machinery in the valley, farming has become relatively easier. Despite this advantage, the younger generation of today struggle to cope with the hardships of certain agricultural practices. This reflects the changes in society and in priorities; which has lead to an extra pressure on the senior members of the families.

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