Baba Shadi Shaheed Shrine

This is resting place for a 16 century ruler Shadab Khan, descendant of a famous Hindu called Chib Chand who laid the foundation of the Chib dynasty in Bhimber minor state. Shadab Khan was born around the end of the 15th century. His real name was Shadab Chand. He grew up as a Hindu prince, but during the growing influence of Islam in the Sub continent, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Shadab Khan. He became ruler of Bhimber state after the death of his father Gorpal Chand also known as Goja Chand. As a ruler he showed his true potential and soon became very popular amongst his subjects. His rule was based upon justice, equality and public welfare. For these precise reasons the oppressed people from other states also regarded him as a symbol of hope and migrated into his kingdom in search of peace and harmony. There are a number of stories surrounding his death. One widely believed version is that he was killed by his brother in law while returning to his capital Bhimber after abandoning his fourth wife in Delhi.

Majority of the devotees paying visits to his shrine know him as a great saint. Little do they know that it was due to his ruling qualities he became a legend in history. Chib Rajput's of today consider themselves to be the direct descendant of Shadab Khan (Baba shadi shaheed). Therefore they take their newly born sons to his shrine to pay homage and perform certain rituals. Over the years this long running tradition has become popular amonst ordinary people too. Every year thousands of visitors from all over Punjab and Azad Kashmir come here to show their respect in variety of ways. Baba Shadi Shaheed shrine is managed by the department of Auqaf Azad Jammu and Kashmir generating a huge amount of revenue for its government. It is disappointing to learn that only a fraction of that amount is invested back into the shrine to improve the condition of the facilities.

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