Bindi is located 6 km in the west of Chowki and aprox.13 km from the town of Samahni. It is a significant and well known place in the valley. It consists of a number of small villages that are scattered around the immediate vicinity of Bindi bazaar. Some of its neighbouring villages are Sarnila, Thera, Bangial, Chadron, Dadra and Planghari. All of these villages are one way or another attracted to Bindi bazaar for their day to day needs which offers almost all the main facilities to its adjoining population and is also the major source of employment in the area.

Bindi’s inhabitants are considered to be most generous and highly motivated, when it comes to dealing with the matters of collective interest. The construction of Bindi Jamia Mosque is a prime example of such generosity and communal co-operation. This mosque is believed to be the biggest in the valley that has been built solely on local donations.

Currently, Bindi is benefiting from two great educational institutions in the form of boys and girls high schools. Again the local population has shown long term commitment in establishing and maintaining both the institutions. Other facilities in Bindi include Muslim commercial bank, a post office and a lower level civil dispensary which takes care of the health requirements of the people of Bindi and the adjacent villages. There isn’t any known historical site in the area accept a few ancient Bawlies that have been constructed on the same pattern as other such Bawlies in the valley.

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