Chowki is situated 7 km to the west of Samahni town. This is another historic place in the valley. It is believed that the early Rajas of Bhimber state had built their summer residencies here to escape the heat. There are also suggestions that Gurpal chand (goja chand) the fathers of Baba shadi shaheed’s remains have been buried in Chowki.

Chowki’s main attraction is its vibrant roadside market. In the past few years this market has emerged as a home of thriving businesses. These businesses range from ordinary fruit shops to top quality furniture showrooms. There is also a very successful fruit and vegetable wholesale market supplying to the length and breadth of the entire valley. Chowki is linked with Bhimber via Toneen, Kadiala road too. This road eventually joins Bimber Samahni road at the scenic point of Jandichontra.

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