Dab & Sandowa

Distance from Jandichontra approximately 5 km.
Both of these areas are located closely in a densely populated mini valley at the northern base of the Jandichontra mountains and have an incredible landscape to present. The total stretch of this fertile and plain land is approximately 4 km. Sandoa falls on the Samahni to Bhimber road and also has numerous shops built along the stretch of this road offering a wide range of services to the surrounding areas such as Dab, Kalach Sudhayree and Baghsar. Kalach and Toneen are in the west of this valley and are linked to the valley via a pakah road. Pir pahar badshah, a well- known shrine is also in the vicinity that attracts countless devotees through out the year.

Nearby main areas - East –Sudhayree, West-Kalach, Toneen

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