Danna area is located approximately 6 km from Soona valley in a North Westernly direction. This is another place which is within a close distance to the line of control. It matches all the surrounding areas in its natural beauty and offers even greater and greener natural views if visited during July, August and September.

Danna consists of small and beautiful hilly slopes as well as flat patches of land which has been prepared by the local farmers after years of hard work to cultivate various crops for the provisions of their families. The surrounding hills are covered in various but mainly pine trees. In the Rainy season small fresh water streams flow down the hilly slopes of this area offering amazing views to the visitors.

The road to Danna is in a state of repair at places but it can be reached by motorbikes without much trouble. If one is intending to visit this place by car then it is better to seek advice from local people at Soona before setting off . Beware there is no hotel or restaurant at this place. There are only a few tea cabins and local food shops where you can buy only a very basic food stuff. Therefore it is advised to buy your food and drinks from Chowki or Samahni town before visiting this place.

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