Domestic tourists

Foreign tourism is almost non-existent in Sub division Samahni due to the close proximity to the line of control and the lack of tourist facilities. However for the past few years, domestic tourists especially day trippers from nearby cities of Pakistan such as Gujrat, Jhelum, Gujranwala and Mirpur are on the increase. The majority of them tend to restrict themselves to JandiChontra and Pirgali only (eastern and western entrances of the valley). While others venture down into the main valley and explore its beauty to full extent. This surge in visitors reaches its peak during the public and national holidays when hundreds of bikers from closer cities head towards the scenic spots of Jandichontra and Pirgali and enjoy a nice day out.

It is fair to say that domestic tourism has brought in many commercial and economic benefits to the local population and it can grow even further if appropriate facilities are provided.

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