Educational infrastructure

"Samahni valley is a land of very fertile brains" These were the words of a tutor at a teachers training facility at Mirpure after witnessing a speech of an intelligent young teacher from Samahni valley. These words were expressed in the mid 80's but this reality remains as evident today as it was in the past. This God gifted intelligence would not have been materialised without the educational institutions and their hard working teaching staff. We are proud to say that these institutions have played an enormous part in producing Lawyers, Judges, Army officers, Doctors, Engineers, Top level Civil Servants, Teachers and Lecturers.

Today Sub-division Samahni has amazing educational facilities, there are a number of private, NGO based and state run institutions. It is worth mentioning that as NGO the Read Foundation has the biggest educational network in the valley after state Schools. Minhaaj-ul-Quran is another NGO which has a considerable number of schools all over the valley.

In the recent past PAK Army has also stepped in to provide its services by introducing Army Public Schools (APS) in the valley. These are highly professional and efficient School and are focused on academic as well as character building activities. They are without a doubt, a positive addition in the field of education.

The statistics below provide an insight into this sector. It should be noted that in 1947 there was only a single lower middle school and a primary school in the entire valley.

Government Schools

School level No of Schools
Girls Primary Schools 49
Boys Primary Schools 86
Girls Middle Schools 14
Boys Middle Schools 22
Girls High Schools 17
Boys High Schools 12

Read Foundation Institutions

Total No of Primary Schools (co ed) 14
Total No of Middle Schools (co ed) 09
Total No of High Schools (co ed) 06
Total No of Colleges (co ed) 04
Male students 4718
Female students 4152
Total students 8870
Total teachers 449

Statistics and information correct as at Aug 2019

Read foundation office Samahni
District Education office Bhimber
With special thanks to Babu Fazal-u-Rehman saib Bandala

List of private and state run colleges

Kashmir Model College of Sciences Samahni
Read Foundation College Samahni
Girls Degree College Samahni
Raja Budhay Khan Degree College Samahni
Sir Sayed College Chowki
Read Foundation College Chowki
Govt Degree College Chowki
Govt Girls Degree College Chowki
The Scholars Chowki
Governent girls intermediate college Dab
Government girls intermediate college Poona
Government boys intermediate college Poona
Read foundation college Poona
Read foundation college Jandala
Iftikhar ideal college Jandala
Green Model Degree College Chowki
Innovator Degree College Samahni

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