Travelling from Samahni to Mirpur via Pirgali route, the next major destination after Chowki and Bindi is called Jandala. Jandala is approximately 6-7 km from Bindi and like its counterparts it too has a roadside bazaar that attracts surrounding villages for obvious reasons. Unlike Bindi, Jandala bazaar is situated on a rather plain area, semi-circled by fertile and rich cultivated fields. This bazaar along with providing many other useful services offers much needed medical, banking and postal facilities too.

Jandala is surrounded by some of very prominent villages. For example Darhal, Barjun, Garhoon and Chadroon villages are only within 5-6 km range and are linked with Jandala through “pakha” roads. Darhal, Barjun and Garhoon being perched at elevated locations of the mountain, offer very picturesque and scenic views. While Chadroon village lies on the plains of the valley within an equal distance of Bindi and Jandala , therefore keeps its ties with both the places.

Some of the other neighbouring areas are Barjah and Chawalla. Both of these areas fall on Mirpur road a few kilometres further west of Jandala. Due to ever increasing commercial activities, Jandala has become employment hub for the local and surrounding population. If it kept growing in the same fashion, it will have far reaching effects on the local economy.

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