Situated at the top of the mountains at about 1000 meters above sea level, this scenic spot is an eastern gateway to Samahni Valley. It is 17 km away from Bhimber and 12 km from Samahni town. The Baba Shadi Shaheed shrine is aprox. 4 km in the direction of south from here. There are a number of shops at this place where various refreshments are available.

Being very close to the plains of Punjab, Jandichontra annually attracts thousands of visitors. These visitors escape the hustle and bustle of city life and come here to enjoy a brief break amid cool, calm and natural surroundings. Jandichontra also serves as a resting place for all visitors who travel here to pay homage to the Baba Shadi Shaheed shrine. Due to the higher altitude, this hill station not only gives a panoramic view of Dab valley (A parallel offshoot of valley Samahni) but it takes you as far as the Pirpunjal mountains of the Indian administered Kashmir. Though these snow capped mountains are visible with the naked eye, the use of binoculars will have an added advantage.

From Jandichontra a 15 km stretch of road known as Kadyala road will provide you with an alternative but a relatively long route to enter the valley. This road which runs along the mountain ridges and through thick pine trees eventually ends up joining Mirpur road at a place called Chowki .

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