Land cultivation brings in plenty of food supply to the household; however it does not generate cash for other necessities of life. Therefore the valley’s adult population turn to a rather steady source of income for their livelihood. At present a significant number of educated people have employments within local institutions such as schools, health departments, forestry, local councils, post offices and banks.

Amongst them the education sector is the biggest source of employment at the local level. A considerable majority have set up their own businesses too. Moreover hundreds of skilled workers are engaged in ever thriving furniture and other household goods production. Some simply adopt manual and labour work to make both ends meet. Families of barbers, cobblers, blacksmiths and builders tend to follow up their family occupations. The tailoring industry is also on its upward mode with an experienced tailor pocketing sufficient enough to meet family needs. A large majority of the valley’s population has sought employment in the major cities of Pakistan and has a fair share in the Armed Forces too. Also the attraction to foreign countries for employment has brought in a further flow of revenue in the valley.

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