Poona is located close to the western borders of the valley. It is the last significant place before leaving the valley for Mirpur city. It is aprox.9 km from Jandala bazaar and is only a touch short of the halfway mark between Samahni and Mirpur.

Poona is bounded by a number of well reputed villages. In the north it is linked with the famous village of Tanddar through a 6 km stretch of the road and a few km further towards the line of control is the scenic area of Haripur. Sandaar and Behmla are situated in the north west of Poona and are the last areas falling within the domain of Sub Div Samahni. Staying on Mirpur road, immediately after leaving Poona, the road starts ascending the southern mountain range of the valley taking you to the highest point of Pirgali. It is from here that the road takes its downhill course towards Mirpur and beyond. Poona also has a very striking roadside market which provides all the basic amenities and has gone through considerable expansion over the years. On a hill slope to the north of the bazaar there are a large number of beautifully constructed multi story homes to remind us of the financial status of occupants.

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