Samahni Town

The whole Valley Samahni has been named after this historic town. It is 29 km away from district Bhimber and 67 km from Mirpur. It lies in the eastern edge of the valley, a short distance away from the ruins of the ancient Mogul route which linked Bhimber with Noshera and ultimately to the rest of kashmir. It used to be a centre of social, cultural and trading activities long before the partition of Sub continent.

The town consisted of mixed communities of Hindus and Muslims. Both faiths co-existed with harmony and mutual understanding. Financially Hindus were in a better position than the Muslims. They dominated most of the businesses in the towns; old bazaar which was aprox. 100 meters long with all kind of shops on its both sides.

Hindus had built their temple (Mander) in the heart of the bazaar for worshipping and also for their social events they had a Dharam shala (community centre) facility just out side of the town. Samahni town benefited from some of the best craftsmen in the valley.

One can still find the scattered ruins of finely carved stones to remind us of their valuable skills. The town at the time of partition had the valley's only civil dispensary, a post office, and a lower middle school to cater for educational requirements.

In 1947 Samahni town was partially destroyed during a brief invasion by the Indian forces. Since then it has made a remarkable achievement to transfer itself into a modern day town.Today the old bazaar has almost disappeared and the new markets have been built instead where all types of businesses are flourishing.

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