Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital

THQ hospital is located in the neighbourhood of Samahni town and is providing superb services to the whole of Sub div Samahni. This 50 beds facility currently has one male and one female doctor along with a recently appointed dental surgeon.

At present this hospital has the following facilities under its roof.

Though all the above health facilities are crucial and playing an important role in delivering health care to the general public of this valley, the most amazing programmes that are being run under the management of this hospital are Lady Heath workers and Immunisation programmes.

The Lady Health workers programme

This excellent programme has been in place since 1993 under the banner of National programme for family planning & primary health care or NPFP&PHC.

At this stage 109 fully trained lady health workers(Aprox. 1 worker/ 1310 population) has been employed by the government to provide basic health requirements including family planning and mother and child health care. These health workers are employed from the local community and are accessible all the time. Even their social visits are far from the relaxation of their duties.

The role of these health workers have become even greater in our society where due to cultural and religious barriers women find it extremely hard to discuss their health issues with the male doctors. The presence of a lady doctor in this hospital has also boosted women's confidence in seeking necessary medical attention.

The Polio immunisation programme

It is funded by the World Health organisation (WHO) and like in the rest of the country takes place annually on the National Immunisation day. This three days activity is carried out by 77 immunisation teams lead by 19 supervisors. The whole immunisation process is monitored by a Tehsil supervisor whose role is to oversee and ensure smooth and effective conclusion of immunisation activities in the valley.

The rest of the vaccinations against all the serious diseases such as TB, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough, Hepatitis B, Measles, and Meningitis are carried out in-house throughout the year.

Health care infrastructure

Rural Health Centres

Samahni Poona

Civil Dispensaries

Kadyala Dal Khambah Soona Valley

Basic Health Units

Bandala Dab Baba Shadi Sh. Chowki Bindi
Jandala Nali Tandar

First Aid Posts

Khawlian Sadhayree Kalach Toneen Darhal
Barjun Tarhakka Behmla Khas Behmla Biance Mahi
Gahiyan Haripur Kotli gujran Danna Baroh khas
Chahi Hooran

Information correct as at May 2019

THQ Hospital Samahni
Special thanks to
Mr. Mohammed Boota Khan Assistant Superintendent of vaccination.
Mr. Abdul Rahim Khan
Mr. Zohaib Nadeem

A typical working day in immunisation office

Picture credit Mr. Zohaib Nadeem

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