Toneen and Kadiala

Distance from Jandichontra approximately 10 km.

Both Toneen and Kadiala are located on the elevated positions of the southern mountain range in the west of Jandichontra. Overlooking the valley, these two places have phenomenal scenes to offer and are also within an affordable distance for day trippers, thus are highly recommended places to visit. If you are coming from the direction of Jandichontra you will be reaching Kadiala first and then after a winding descent of 3-4 km you will enter into a rather semi plain area of Toneen. From this place a 5 km road will take you further down into the main valley, and eventually into Chowki bazaar. Toneen’s chandni chowk is the focus of attention all day long, where a number of shops have been set up to meet the basic requirements of the local population. Toneen is connected to kalach, Dab and Sandoa in the east and has also established a road link with Rehial in the west which is another beautiful place to visit.

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